''I had been looking for an EPC Company fit for a Project I had been pursuing when I decided to develop a website which may list all EPC Companies fit for different projects in different territories. I needed a domain name for the purpose which should be short, memorable and self-explanatory. 
I think I found it, and I am very happy that now I own the EPC.COMPANY of the world wide web @ http://EPC.COMPANY .

I was also willing to develop a website as a unique source for information on 

- PPP Model in different parts of the World accross different sectors, and

- PPP Project opportunities.

I needed another domain name for the purpose which should also be short, memorable and sel-exlanatory as the EPC.COMPANY domain name I had acquired.

I was happy to see that PPP.COMPANY domain name was available for sale which I did not hesitate to acquire.

I had also started receiving attractive offers from various companies and individuals for acquiring my PPP.COMPANY just like the EPC.COMPANY I own, which showed that they were also good investments. 

I had refused offers to date and I don't have any intention to give any one of them till I decide on what I shall be doing with my EPC.COMPANY and PPP.COMPANY.

I wish to thank for all those willing to acquire my EPC.COMPANY and PPP.COMPANY, and also to those visitors who might have browsed and accessed to my websites. 

I also wish a happier and more prosperous days ahead in a world in peace. ''

The Owner of the PPP.Company